2018: Three predictions for web design and development

There are lots of trends being predicted for web design in 2018, from strong typography to asymmetrical themes to ethical design. We look at three trends which are worth paying attention to on your next website project.


4 trusty metrics for measuring engagement

For potential customers, your website is a window into your business - but this is only half the story. Your website is also a window to your customers. Every time someone visits your website, data is available to be distilled into meaningful metrics which can help you determine whether that visit was valuable to your business or a missed opportunity.


How growth-driven design can transform your online store

Website redesign projects can be a highly work intensive, expensive, and time-consuming. But it’s vital for businesses to engage in this practice to keep their website up to date to offer the best value for visitors.


E-commerce platforms – which one is right for you?

When making a decision about which e-commerce platform is right for you, there are several options to choose from including cloud-based platforms, self-hosted platforms, or a custom system.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): how does it affect your business?

While offering discounts or running more advertising can lead to an increase in sales, these tactics need to be maintained by recurring costs. Improving the conversion rate, on the other hand, is a sustainable long-term solution that will not require any additional budget.


Top 7 e-commerce strategies for 2016

With consumers researching and buying more and more products online, it has never been more important to have a clear e-commerce strategy in place. Here are 7 achievable tactics to improve your brand positioning, increase traffic, and ultimately make more sales.